Charming Riga

Charming Riga

Riga – the perfect place for those, who are looking for urban comfort combined with culture and security.

Of all the European cities, Riga – the most cozy, intimate, sophisticated capital. It is no accident, that Riga is declared a part of world cultural heritage and is listed in the list of UNESCO. It is good for adults, good for children and a lot of fun for students. Riga is full of surprises for visitors. Those who come here to live, affects the amount of festivals that follow each other, like a kaleidoscope of vivid pictures. It seems that the city authorities imagination has no limits: Day of Sherlock Holmes, Day of blondes, street art festivals, the festival of folk music, sailing regatta, a parade of vintage cars, week of Riga restaurants and many more.  And, of course, major holidays “Ligo”- Midsummer’s Day, Christmas and the city Festival. Holidays celebrates with fun, loud, with street performances and an abundance of food that is prepared in the summer on the streets. As it’s known, the number of holidays is an indicator of the health of the nation. Latvians formed a celebration as part of need of the positive philosophy of life.

In Riga, there is no long traffic jams, and to any destination can be reached by car in 15-20 minutes. Even to Jurmala. If you have to travel by public transport, network of passenger buses, trolleybuses, trams and taxis are at your service. About the directions of route you can always ask the neighboring passengers, or at the bus stop, or at the kiosk Narvessen. Another mode of transportation is trains, which are used by the citizens to travel from Riga to the whole country.

Riga is full of shopping centers, representing global brands. Exciting shopping can take a whole day, in shopping malls are represented famous brands of clothing, shoes, accessories, household items and furniture.

Riga – the gastronomic capital of the Baltic States. An abundance of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and teahouses, attracts thousands of tourists. However, Rigans themselves like to sit and have a tasty meal. Summer meal is accompanied by live music by the visiting groups. Very often you can listen to concerts on the summer terrace of the old Riga. All in the space of 100 meters from each other, the groups compete in the style of rock and roll, gypsy, jazz, and just funny fusion of international hits.

In Riga there is a quality medical care that makes life easier.

Special comfort brings the opportunity to explain in native language or internationally. Almost all Riga staff speaks three languages: Latvian, Russian and English.

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The decision to buy property in Riga, fits for people who love the city life, and care about quality