Amber coast of Jurmala

Amber coast of Jurmala

Everyone likes Jurmala, and for many it is love at first sight.

50-meter pine trees, white sand, blue sea … The air, filled with aromas of pine needles and the sea, the cries of seagulls. All this creates a unique harmony that induce relaxation, restores health.

In the summer Jurmala is crowded, on the streets walking stylishly dressed people, among which we can find celebrities from Russia, Ukraine and  the Baltic States. Concert Hall “Dzintari” is working non-stop, daily inviting European and Russian celebrities. Fashion festivals, weeks of humor, performances of world opera – these are summer weekdays in Jurmala. Restaurants are full of tourists, not easy to find a free table. Sometimes you have to be located in the inner rooms, as the tables on the terrace are busy.

Jurmala in the winter time rests. In the spacious streets are strolling lovers of aerotherapy and spa treatment. In the district of Kemeri, tourists are coming specifically for sulfur, bromine, salt and sodium mineral waters, which are used for drinking and medicinal purposes as well as for taking a baths and swimming in the pool.

The last 10 years Jurmala has experienced a construction boom. The apartments are built in first line and in the pine forests. Architects are building resort, trying to surprise the future owners. Stunning views from each apartment, that pleases the eye. For those who prefer houses have to taste the abundance of proposals, including a unique, on the legendary Jomas Street, or at least well-known Juras and Kapu streets.

Jurmala is still available for the average budget, which explains the high dynamics of demand.

! Recommendation:

Real Estate in Jurmala is for people who prefer to live in a healthy environment, for those who love the sea and pine trees. Jurmala is particularly attractive for families with small children as the ideal place for a healthy development of the child. Proximity to Riga (20 km) allows daily visits to the capital, the journey takes only 15 to 20 minutes by car.