About us

About us

Rational planning – is a sensible approach to life for every person: a sober assessment of the past and the present, objective plans for the future, the search for the best daily decisions for ourselves and families. Search a property abroad – logically fit into this picture of the world. Among the variety of proposals in the European housing market, our company has focused on real estate in Latvia.
The advantages of the Baltic country includes:

  • Residence permit in Latvia, which can be obtained by purchasing property from 250 thousand euro;
  • The ability to move freely in the countries of the Schengen area;
  • Accommodation in a mild climate;
  • Good ecology;
  • Stable income with rental housing;
  • The European education and a common economic space;
  • Attractive real estate prices and living expenses;

The «Angel Properties» agency for the last 5 years mainly specialized on foreign clients. So we were able to gain the necessary experience and volunteers from around the world, to buy property in Latvia. We appreciate human relationships, time and quality of work, so always try to adhere to these standards. Our main goal is – to find the property which matches your desires. In this regard, for us there isn’t any  territorial limitations. If you are interested in the sea coast, we will offer you real estate in the resort town Jurmala. For businessmen and active people will be more interesting real estate in big city, like Riga,​where everything is suitable for development, education and profitable investment.

The «Angel Properties» agency, offers the following services:

  • Selection of property, that suits all needs at significant cost;
  • Consultations at each stage of cooperation, including the legislative aspects;
  • Assistance in obtaining a loan, bank account, preparation of documents;
  • Property evaluation;
  • Maintenance and management of the acquired property;
  • Sending invitations and assistance in obtaining a residence permit;
  • Study tours, transfers, accommodation, etc.
  • Construction and others.

Implementation of the best plans and desires, confidence in the future and the best investment of own
capital – all this is possible in cooperation with the real estate agency «Angel Properties».
Apartments and studios, villas and houses in Latvia are waiting for their new owners.